Hey! I'm Stephen.


I have 20 years of experience as a designer and business strategist who transitioned into experience design and research because I’m interested in how people’s thoughts and behaviors can be integrated into profitable products that inspire excitement and joy. 
My experience in psychological research, operations, and design processes have allowed me to build businesses that succeeded on the strength of not only their innovative products and services but on the underlying story that links these to their users.

Design and Research Skills:
UX Ideation and Workflows
User Interface Design
Interaction Design
Market and Competitive Analysis
Voice User Interface Design
User Interviews & Surveys
Usability Testing
Qualitative Research Methods
Affinity Mapping
Task Analysis


I served in the U.S. Army as a Scout from 2004-2009 and spent nearly 2.5 years in Iraq. My time in the service taught me how to lead through example, work in diverse teams, and to become a better human. Most importantly, it taught me the value of asking the right questions which could mean the difference between spectacular success and life-altering failure.


I love the challenge of telling an entire story with just one photograph. As a writer, I was always taught to simplify, and no matter what people say, creating a picture that communicates a thousand words isn’t as easy as it looks. My work has been published on magazine covers, calendars, and as editorial content.


Fly fishing captured my attention because it revolves around the development of a craft deeply rooted in discipline and respect. Discipline to master the artful mechanics of the cast, to understand the lifecycle of the piscatorial diet, and the respect of an animal who outwits me on innumerable occasions.